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Hire a Gifted Legal Mind at Paralegal Rates

To Get the Best Legal Strategy
Hire a Gifted Legal Mind

In the legal field, there can be a wide variance between costs and results. Sometimes, you barely get what you pay for. If you hire the right help, and have the right strategy, you can get far more.

Not Your Typical Paralegal

Some paralegals are more like glorified legal secretaries, while others are more like gifted attorneys without a bar card. Jerry's in the latter category. If what you really need is more of a legal secretary to handle things like calendaring and boilerplate interrogatories, Jerry's not who you're looking for. There are many, many, far, far better legal secretaries available.

Legal Writing Focused on
Core, Pivotal Issues

Lots of people can write pleadings, motions, and briefs. Few can cut through the nonsense and highlight the core, pivotal issues as well as Jerry can. Jerry also writes contracts and web content.

Not Just Legal Research — In Depth
Analysis & Powerful Strategies

Lots of people can do legal research; few are able to analyze the research to the level of depth that Jerry can; even fewer can convert that analysis into powerful, winning strategies like Jerry can. If you mostly need routine legal research, like cite checking and shepardizing, you don't need Jerry. There are many, many, far, far better ordinary paralegals available. On the other hand, if you want somebody who can consistently pull rabbits out of hats, look no further; Jerry's it.

Known for Finding Legal Loopholes

Jerry's especially known for being able to find loopholes in the law. The one he's most known for was the campaign finance loophole he found for the Ron Paul Blimp. Ron Paul's supporters wanted to fly a blimp during his 2008 run for president. They needed help to comply with federal election finance laws and the related regulations. (This was prior to the Citizens United decision.) Ron Paul's supporters didn't want the money that they raised for the blimp to count against the limits of what people could contribute to the presidential campaign fund.

Jerry came up with a way to completely bypass all the applicable campaign laws and regulations in place at the time, including, but not limited to, the McCain-Feingold Act. With Jerry managing the legal team, the Ron Paul Blimp raised over $600,000 in two months, not a dime counted against anybody's contribution limits to the presidential campaign fund, and nothing had to be reported to the Federal Election Commission. It was all 100% legal; not a single FEC complaint was even filed against the Ron Paul Blimp.

Politio called what Jerry came up with: "... unprecedented ... an innovative funding structure that could expose a new way to pour largely unregulated money into politics."

NPR called it: "... a campaign reform loophole as big as the Ron Paul blimp."

Jerry often comes up with those kinds of outside the box ideas.

Available, Virtually, Anywhere

Jerry's available, virtually, anywhere. Google Docs works great for collaboration. When you and he are done creating a doc, your secretary can just paste it into a Word doc, tweak the formatting, and print it for your signature.

Jerry can easily get familiar with the rules of procedure in your jurisdiction (if he's not already familiar with them). Other than how they're numbered, they're not really that much different from one jurisdiction to the next. The biggest difference is that some jurisdictions use code pleading while most use notice pleading. Jerry can easily handle either.

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Jerry shouldn't cost you a dime. In most cases, whatever you pay Jerry should be more than offset by what you would have otherwise spent on attorneys fees, and give you a net savings. Payments can be per hour, per diem, per project, partial contingency, or blended. Jerry's pretty flexible, and can usually structure a win-win compensation arrangement.

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"The smartest paralegal that I have ever had the privilege of working with over the past twenty years is, hands down, Jerry Collette. I highly recommend that anyone in need of a legal genius immediately hire Jerry Collette."

—Roni Deutch, Retired California Attorney, Author, Television Personality, and Film Maker. Full Testimonial.

"Jerry is an excellent creative thinker. I have always been impressed by his wide range of legal knowledge."

—Patrick Kienel, Founder & Executive Director, American Mediation. Full Testimonial.

"Jerry has a razor sharp mind that grasps the essence of a situation and can translate it into legal theory and practice in an instant. His legal skills, combined with his conflict resolution skills have been a great support for our church. Jerry, we admire and appreciate you for all you do!"

—dr. michael ryce, Founder & Director, Heartland Aramaic Mission. Full Testimonial.

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