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Protect Your Assets

How much of your current and future wealth would be at risk if you were sued tomorrow? Do you even know?

What if you or someone in your family were to have a catastrophic illness?

What if the government were to do a civil seizure on your property for some regulatory violation?

With proper structuring of your holdings, your assets can be protected from all of these risks.


Jerry's assst protection programs have features you will probably like.

Two significant ones are that you will:

  1. Manage your own assets; and
  2. invest in whatever you want.


Jerry's assst protection programs have advantages you will probably like.

Two significant ones are that:

  1. You will reduce your likelihood of being sued; and
  2. If you are sued, you will greatly reduce your likelihood of having to pay anything.


Jerry's assst protection programs all have one strategy in common. They all involve holding your assets in multiple entities.

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"Jerry Collete is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs I have ever known personally. He is a brilliant strategist, paralegal, and businessman."

—Richard Boddie, professor of law, government, and history. Full Testimonial.

"I have worked with Jerry on many cases involving sophisticated legal theories. He is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend him."

—Neal Cannon, Texas attorney. Full Testimonial.

"Jerry has provided me assistance on a number of complex legal matters. He requires little to no supervision and his thoroughness covers all angles of the subject legal issue. I think you will enjoy working with Jerry and will greatly benefit from his skills."

—Paul Erickson, North Carolina attorney and CPA. Full Testimonial.

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