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Protect Your Assets from Government Seizures

Government seizures are on the rise, every year. It is one of the ways that government agencies increase their funding and power.

Holding assets, particluarly real estate, in such a way that, on paper, you own them outright, can subject your property to a civil seizure for obscure regulations about which you know nothing. On the other hand, having your assets properly encumbered by a friendly entity, that you control, can protect your property from government seizures.

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"Jerry Collete is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs I have ever known personally. He is a brilliant strategist, paralegal, and businessman."

—Richard Boddie, professor of law, government, and history. Full Testimonial.

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—Constance D. Coleman, Florida attorney. Full Testimonial.

"... brilliant mind and critical thinking .... It was Jerry who brought to my attention ... various other lawful legal strategies that were and continue to be implemented ..."

—Russell Means, Lakotah Sovereignty Activist. Full Testimonial.

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