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Free Speech in Campaign Finance

Jerry made history with the campaign finance loophole he came up with for the Ron Paul Blimp. Since then, the Citizens United decision has reinvigorated the concept of free speech in elections. Carey v. FEC went even further. Now is the time to make the most of these decisions and break down the remaining barriers to free political speech. Jerry can help.

Free Speech in State Elections — The New Frontier

Many states have campaign finance laws that are even more onerous than McCain-Feingold. They need to be struck down.

Jerry Is Ideologically Neutral

The freedom of political speech issue is far more important to Jerry than the politics of any candidate or initiative. The legal team of the Ron Paul Blimp was made up of a liberal, a conservative, a moderate, and, at the head, Jerry, a libertarian. Jerry chose the members of the blimp legal team for their talents and their commitments to freedom of expression, not their politics. Whatever the political leanings of your organization, Jerry can help you to legally express your political message.

Available, Virtually, Anywhere

Jerry's available, virtually, anywhere. He would welcome the opportunity to assist PAC's, 527's, C3's, C4's, independent expenditure groups, or any other group working for more free speech in elections.

If you only bring Jerry in for one thing, bring him in to review your strategy options. This is where he especially shines.

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"Jerry is amazingly inventive when it comes to novel applications of legal theory and is continuously developing new business applications out of our current legal framework."

—Joe Amidon, retired Wisconsin attorney. Full Testimonial.

"Jerry Collete is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs I have ever known personally. He is a brilliant strategist, paralegal, and businessman."

—Richard Boddie, professor of law, government, and history. Full Testimonial.

"The smartest paralegal that I have ever had the privilege of working with over the past twenty years is, hands down, Jerry Collette. I highly recommend that anyone in need of a legal genius immediately hire Jerry Collette."

—Roni Deutch, Retired California Attorney, Author, Television Personality, and Film Maker. Full Testimonial.

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