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Hire a Gifted Legal Mind at Paralegal Rates

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gifted Legal Mind?

Gifted Legal Mind is, primarily, Jerry Collette. As needed, Jerry can bring together quality teams of legal and business professionals to successfully accomplish your project, large or small.

What jurisdictions can you work in?

Jerry is U.S. based and is most familiar and comfortable with the systems of law and procedure within the U.S. and most of its territories. Typically, most of the work can be done virtually, without ever going to your location.

Jerry can quickly and easily familiarize himself with the rules of procedure in your jurisdiction (if he's not already familiar with them). Other than how they're numbered, they're not really that much different from one jurisdiction to the next. The biggest difference is that some jurisdictions use code pleading while most use notice pleading. Jerry can easily do either.

Do you have any licenses or certifications?

No; none are required for the services Jerry provides.

Do you give legal advice?

No; only attorneys can give legal advice. Jerry can give you something even more valuable — solid business advice related to your situation. There is one exception: Jerry can give legal advice to licensed attorneys.

Can you work with my attorneys?

It usually makes more sense to work with your existing attorneys than to bring in new ones. However, if you need additional attorneys, Jerry can recruit, screen, and manage them for you, so you end up with the a legal team that is both effective and cost effective.

Is what you do considered unauthorized practice of law?

No. Everything Jerry does is either not the practice of law or is authorized.

Are you an attorney referral service?

No. Attorney referral services are mostly run by and for attorney organizations. Their purpose is to refer clients to the participating attorneys. To participate, attorneys usually only have to be in the area, have a bar license, and be willing to pay the referral fees. Clients usually get referred to the next three attorneys in line, no matter how good they are.

When necessary, Jerry will work to find you the best attorneys for your needs. Attorneys will be selected and recommended to you based upon the best attorneys for the job, within your budget, not whose turn is next for a referral.

What do your services cost?

Jerry shouldn't cost you a dime. If you're simply looking for the person with the lowest billing rate, Jerry isn't your guy. However, in most cases, whatever you pay Jerry should be more than offset by what you would have otherwise spent on attorneys fees and give you a significant net savings. Payments can be per hour, per diem, per project, partial contingency, or blended. Jerry's pretty flexible, and can usually structure a win-win compensation arrangement.

Before we even discuss money, tell Jerry more about your situation and what you need, and let him see if he can help you. During that process, Jerry will, most likely, demonstrate to you an amazing level of competence, and, he won't even charge you for his initial review of your situation.

To estimate what to budget for your project, get a free quote. There is no obligation.

"... can draft documents like a lawyer with little to no help. Jerry was amazing and surpassed all my expectations."

—Constance D. Coleman, Florida attorney. Full Testimonial.

"... brilliant mind and critical thinking .... It was Jerry who brought to my attention ... various other lawful legal strategies that were and continue to be implemented ..."

—Russell Means, Lakotah Sovereignty Activist. Full Testimonial.

"It is rare to see a nonattorney having a savvy knowledge of the law as Jerry does."

—Bryce Neier, North Carolina attorney. Full Testimonial.

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