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Hire a Gifted Legal Mind at Paralegal Rates

Legal Team Recruitment & Management

Is your business getting full value for what you spend on legal services? How do you know?

Most business have no idea how to manage their legal services. They simply consider their legal fees a cost of doing business.

Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Most business people believe that they get what they pay for in legal services. Many law firms support this idea with claims that their services are better because they charge more.

From inside the legal field, the view is entirely different. Some clients get a lot for their money while others spend a lot of money and get little. Which group are you in? Which group do you want to be in?

Affordable Legal Alternatives

Not every legal service needs to be performed by an attorney. Nonetheless, many business pay for legal services to be done by attorneys that can effectively done by others. Even with attorneys reviewing the nonattorneys' work and the fees for the legal team management, the total cost of your legal fees, in most years, will still be much less. You also get more eyes watching over your legal matters.

How much are you spending for work to done by attorneys that could be effectively done by others for much less?

Recruiting & Managing Legal Specialists

Ideally, you would have legal specialists handling areas that are their specialty. For example, if you had a copyright issue, it would usually sense to bring in a specialist in the field of intellectual property.

Two problems often come up, however, when you bring in specialists. The specialists do not know your business very well and, often, the client does not understand the specialists' area of law very well.

Having Jerry act as your interface with your legal specialists solves both of these problems. Jerry will understand your business well enough to get the best legal guidance from specialists, and will understand the specialists' area of law well enough to help you apply it to your business. Besides saving money on legal fees, you get an extra point of view.

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"Jerry Collete is one of the most innovative entrepreneurs I have ever known personally. He is a brilliant strategist, paralegal, and businessman."

—Richard Boddie, professor of law, government, and history. Full Testimonial.

"The smartest paralegal that I have ever had the privilege of working with over the past twenty years is, hands down, Jerry Collette. I highly recommend that anyone in need of a legal genius immediately hire Jerry Collette."

—Roni Deutch, Retired California Attorney, Author, Television Personality, and Film Maker. Full Testimonial.

"In one afternoon, Jerry renegotiated two contracts for us, saving us over $50,000, and negotiated payment from a customer that had owed us $30,000 for over six months. Jerry has an incredible skill in legal matters and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

—Norio Kushi, Former President, Macrobiotic Company of America. Full Testimonial.

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