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Jerry certainly has some extrordinary strengths. He also has his shortcomings. So that there are no false expectations, Jerry's most significant shortcomings are disclosed below.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of every shortcoming that Jerry has. Instead, it is limited to those shortcomings that might be related to your legal needs.

Weak on Minor Details

Jerry's a big picture visionary. In the process of writing you a groundbreaking legal memorandum, don't be surprised if he misses a comma somewhere or leaves out a parallel citation. You could probably even find a few minor grammar and/or spelling errors in this website. Jerry freely admits that there are many, many, far, far better legal secretaries than he.

Simple Solution

How do you overcome this? Have a good legal secretary edit his writing.

No Corporate Image

Jerry has a ponytail and a beard. He's more comfortable in jeans and a tee shirt than in a suit. For some people, this could be an issue.

Simple Solution

How do you overcome this? Consult with him over the phone and Internet, and how he combs his hair won't matter.

Mostly Uses Plain English

Jerry isn't big on formal English. Sometimes, he uses contractions, and even ends sentences in prepositions.

Simple Solution

How do you overcome this? If this is important to you, have a good legal secretary edit his writing.

Not Currently Able to Travel Much

Jerry is currently the primary caretaker for his aging mother in Tampa Bay. Consequently, he is not as able to travel as freely as he was in the past.

Simple Solution

How do you overcome this? Consult with him over the phone and Internet, so both you and his mother can get the best of what you each need from him.

Not Available Full Time

Because of his other commitments, Jerry's not available full time.

Simple Solution

How do you overcome this? Utilize him where he shines best, big picture strategy, and be grateful for the time he has available for your projects.

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"Jerry is amazingly inventive when it comes to novel applications of legal theory and is continuously developing new business applications out of our current legal framework."

—Joe Amidon, retired Wisconsin attorney. Full Testimonial.

"The smartest paralegal that I have ever had the privilege of working with over the past twenty years is, hands down, Jerry Collette. I highly recommend that anyone in need of a legal genius immediately hire Jerry Collette."

—Roni Deutch, Retired California Attorney, Author, Television Personality, and Film Maker. Full Testimonial.

"... brilliant mind and critical thinking .... It was Jerry who brought to my attention ... various other lawful legal strategies that were and continue to be implemented ..."

—Russell Means, Lakotah Sovereignty Activist. Full Testimonial.

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