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Winning Legal Strategies

How successful you will be with your legal situation will often depend upon your strategy. Often, people skip over this step too quickly.

If you only bring Jerry in for one thing on your case, bring him in to review your strategy options. This is where he especially shines.

Ron Paul Blimp Campaign Financing Loophole

Jerry is somewhat famous for the campaign finance loophole he found for the Ron Paul Blimp.

Another Strategy Example

Here's another example of how Jerry was able to save a business many thousands of dollars with a different strategy.

Corporate Reorganization

A previously successful corporation had become insolvent. Nonetheless, it had a huge loyal customer base. It wanted to reorganize and profitably serve its customers.

Original Plan

The corporation's law firm had recommended a Chapter XI reorganization. They estimated their legal fees for the first year would be $20,000, all of which they wanted in advance. The corporation's CPA firm estimated its fee at $5,000, and also wanted it in advance. The corporation was insolvent, so the owners would have had to advance all the fees.

The Chapter XI reorganization process would have taken about a year for the first phase, during which time no meaningful business would be able to be done, but many of the expenses would continue. After that, there were several other phases which would have taken another several years to complete.

Jerry's Input

When Jerry was brought in, he looked at the reorganization plan and suggested getting a second opinion from a Chapter XI expert.

Jerry went to the federal district court for the area and asked the bankruptcy clerk to pull a stack of the thickest Chapter XI case files off the shelf. Jerry knew that the most complicated cases would have thick files. He was looking for an attorney who regularly practiced in that court and had expertise in complicated cases, not just somebody with a good yellow page ad.

It turned out that there was one attorney in particular who was involved in almost every complicated Chapter XI file that Jerry reviewed. Sometimes he was representing the debtor, sometimes he was representing a creditor, and sometimes he was even representing the court appointed bankruptcy trustee. Twice, he had been brought into the case to substitute for another attorney who had begun the case. His paperwork was superb, too.

Jerry had found his local Chapter XI expert. Interestingly, out of all the bankruptcy attorneys in the local phone book, his yellow page ad was one of the smallest.

The Alternative Solution

Jerry and the corporation president went to meet with the local Chapter XI expert attorney. At Jerry's suggestion, the attorney described a legal and workable way to avoid Chapter XI reorganization altogether with a brand new corporation.

The cost was less than $3000 in fees, including Jerry's fee, and the whole process took about three weeks.

Not only did the business save a long reorganization process, thousands of dollars in professional fees, and a year of expenses with no income, the expert attorney even waived his fee.

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"Jerry is amazingly inventive when it comes to novel applications of legal theory and is continuously developing new business applications out of our current legal framework."

—Joe Amidon, retired Wisconsin attorney. Full Testimonial.

"Jerry is an excellent creative thinker. I have always been impressed by his wide range of legal knowledge."

—Patrick Kienel, Founder & Executive Director, American Mediation. Full Testimonial.

"In one afternoon, Jerry renegotiated two contracts for us, saving us over $50,000, and negotiated payment from a customer that had owed us $30,000 for over six months. Jerry has an incredible skill in legal matters and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

—Norio Kushi, Former President, Macrobiotic Company of America. Full Testimonial.

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