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Testimonial Of Roni Deutch

Roni Deutch

"For twenty years, I owned the largest law firm of it's kind in the United States which means I have worked with some of the brightest lawyers and paralegals in the legal industry. The smartest paralegal that I have ever had the privilege of working with over the past twenty years is, hands down, Jerry Collette.

"Jerry is a brilliant legal strategist who understands all sides of the issues. His ability to communicate ideas, opinions and strategies in an understandable manner is truly amazing. He is also extremely quick at understanding the core legal issues and always has excellent suggestions and recommendations on how to resolve them, no matter the level of complexity. I highly recommend that anyone in need of a legal genius immediately hire Jerry Collette."

—Roni Deutch, Retired California Attorney, Author, Television Personality, and Film Maker.

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  • Legal Team Recruitment & Management
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