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Hire a Gifted Legal Mind at Paralegal Rates

Legal Writing Focused on
Core, Pivotal Issues

Lots of people can write pleadings, motions, and briefs. Few can cut through the nonsense and highlight the core, pivotal issues so well.

Creative Pleadings & Motions

If you just need just a common boilerplate pleading, such as an unpaid bill or eviction complaint, or a routine boilerplate motion, like a motion for a continuance, you don't need Jerry for that. If, however, you need something unusual, that requires a creative solution, that's when to call Jerry.

Powerful Supporting Briefs & Memoranda

Creative solutions typically require solid legal foundations to support them, presented in ways that make sense. Jerry can do this with ease.

Win‑Win Contract Writing & Negotiation

Boilerplate Contracts

The secret to getting people to sign boilerplate contracts, without resistance, is writing them in simple, plain English. Few people can keep them as simple as Jerry can.

Contract Negotiation

Many contract negotiations fall apart because of an overemphasis on legal terms. Business people want to make deals happen. Jerry can balance your need to be protected with your need to make deals happen in a win‑win way.

Writing in Plain English

Jerry is fantastic at translating legalspeak into plain English. Attorneys, particularly the more brilliant ones, tend to lose this ability. Jerry can do wonders for you in areas such as web content. He can give you web content that will make the points you want to make, in ways that will:

  • Resonate with your prospective clients,
  • Bring you more clicks to your website, and
  • Get you more clients from it.

Available, Virtually, Anywhere

Jerry's available, virtually, anywhere. Google Docs works great for collaboration. When you and he are done creating a doc, your secretary can just paste it into a Word doc, tweak the formatting, and print it for your signature.

Get a Quote

Jerry shouldn't cost you a dime. In most cases, whatever you pay Jerry should be more than offset by what you would have otherwise spent on attorneys fees, and give you a net savings. Payments can be per hour, per diem, per project, partial contingency, or blended. Jerry's pretty flexible, and can usually structure a win-win compensation arrangement.

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"... can draft documents like a lawyer with little to no help. Jerry was amazing and surpassed all my expectations."

—Constance D. Coleman, Florida attorney. Full Testimonial.

"Jerry came up with a solution which my attorney had not considered. The other side then settled right after that, saving us a messy court battle and many thousands of dollars in attorneys fees."

—Michio Kushi, Founder, Kushi Institute. Full Testimonial.

"Jerry has a razor sharp mind that grasps the essence of a situation and can translate it into legal theory and practice in an instant. His legal skills, combined with his conflict resolution skills have been a great support for our church. Jerry, we admire and appreciate you for all you do!"

—dr. michael ryce, Founder & Director, Heartland Aramaic Mission. Full Testimonial.

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